Rachel Olynuk

A bohemian painter by brush and by heart

 My Philosophy is that a person's home should be their sanctuary.

Every one needs to be able to unplug and rejuvenate from all the day to day pressures of the world. You wear many masks through out your busy day, filling many roles. We all deserve our personal space to reflect who you are. That is why I hope you are here today!









If you are seeking colorful abstract galaxy skies or searching for  romantic tones and colors for your walls, then you have visited the right place!

My work comes straight from the imagination, be it mine or yours!  Each artwork I created is an original  and vary from small to quite large. I am drawn to bright colors seen in abstract patterns inspired by stained glass and mosaics, and have  channeled that love onto canvas, wood, and vinyl.  I have found such joy and love through my art, in sharing it with another then I feel I have accomplished something good...maybe even great on some days. 

               " All of our dreams can be found in our imaginations", 


Rachel currently makes her home, in Armstrong British Columbia  Canada, where she works full time at her home studio as a painter and writer.

Rachel's work is sold worldwide and can be found in personal   collections or with popular online art galleries and market places.  She recently  developed an E-book for new artists who are just entering the online art world, with hopes it will inspire others to follow their creative dreams.

Thank you for visiting  and please get in touch to discuss your next artwork!

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