• Her Painted Canvas

Sometimes the world seems too much

Too much cruelty... too much sadness.....too much anger.... just too much. Its times like that where painting is a relief for me. I find solace and comfort in creating an explosion of color. Perhaps it is the endless motion of creating circles that is somehow therapeutic, or maybe the bright colors wash me away and ease my troubled mind. I get lost in the whole procedure and hours fall into days, and when I am finished I look and I am always surprised by the patterns that were created subconsciously, while my conscious mind was trapped in the day to day thoughts. I would describe it so you might understand like this... have you ever been driving and you had so many things on your mind that you reach your destination without even remembering the drive there? That is how it is sometimes while I am painting. I did this painting when I was feeling this way, disconnected.

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